We only work with high-quality, enduring materials, such as argentium silver, sterling silver and solid gold.

We believe that jewellery, from the most precious to the most casual - is meant to be worn every day - not locked in a safe. Some scratches and dings can happen, perhaps even some tarnishing - and that’s okay! Many factors can influence the condition of jewellery. Jewellery is delicate so it's important to take care with it.




Take off your rings when you are doing housework, gardening, heavy work and sports.

Take off your jewellery before you go to sleep. 

Keep it well away from chemicals, especially chlorine. If it does come into contact with chemicals, rinse it in water immediately to avoid build up which can make cleaning difficult.

Bathe and apply any lotions or perfumes before you put your jewellery on.

Store it separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your favourite pieces don’t rub or scratch one another.

What is wear and tear?  Wear and tear describes the general knocks and scratches that jewellery made from silver and gold develop during its life. Wear and tear can alter the appearance of jewellery significantly. Precious metals can distort if squeezed or twisted. To avoid wear and tear, take off your jewellery, especially rings when you are doing housework, gardening, heavy work and sports.

What is tarnishing? Tarnishing is a non permanent, chemical change in the surface of metal which darkens and dulls over time. Some metals will tarnish quickly some slowly and some won’t tarnish.

​Silver jewellery will tarnish. Use a polishing cloth to remove any tarnish. Pollution, contact with chemicals and some skin types will increase the chances of tarnishing happening quickly. 14k gold will tarnish slowly. Use a silver polishing cloth on 14k white and yellow gold and a brass cleaner on red gold. 18k gold will not tarnish.


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